Simulated Gambling Games for Your Mobile Device

The best thing about simulated gambling and simulated games is the excitement they confer, without the prospect of losing real money. Legal and abundant, simulation games are making waves in the mobile device gaming environment, where their portability and intense graphics makes them must-haves on iPads, Samsung Tablets and any other device that supports them. Some of these games are paid, but many of the best ones are not; here’s a selection of a handful of the best free simulation games available on the Apple iPad.

  • GodFinger All-Stars: After the most recent update by the developers, GodFinger All-Stars has leapt from the world of social media into the mainstream, where all iPad owners can play this exhilarating ascent into godhood. As the progenitor of the Big Bang, you get to create the universe from scratch, starting with our dear Earth and the mound of rock and dirt that served as the foundation of the world. Using peasants (i.e, humans) who worship you, all decisions regarding natural events fall on your shoulders – but total control is not yours. Those humans have a tendency to do the whole “free will” thing and complicate matters for your intended creation. Reminiscent of the wildly popular The Sims builder-games, GodFinger All-Stars ratchets up the scope and sense of responsibility – and many would argue, the fun.
  • The Island Castaway: If you were an adult in the mid-2000s through late 2010, then you most certainly recall the global success of the long-running show Lost. The Island Castaway is an iPad simulation game that mimics the setting of that acclaimed and expensive television show, complete with the zany characters marooned on a mysterious island with hints of the supernatural all around. The goal in this simulation game is a bit predictable – but that doesn’t make it any less fun: keep yourself and your stranded mates alive. You’ll take up fishing, hunting, hut-building and more in this game, and run into native people’s intent on your destruction. Or maybe not; work with them, perhaps you could learn something.
  • The granddaddy of all engrossing simulation games is one to play as soon as possible. The Sims is the template for all-out fun when it comes to strategizing your abode. Best of all, it’s free-to-play on the iPad, with a paid option that opens up more of the landscape and options. It is truly a wonderful simulation game that has the potential to mimic your real-life endeavors, as you ponder career, marriage, children, relationships and more. The world is your oyster – open it and thrive.
  • We Rule: Are you into building from the ground up? If so, then We Rule is tailor-made for your personality, even more so than other simulation games. It’s got unicorns (if you want them), rainbow bridges and all sorts of fantasy-themed structures. At its base, We Rule is a game where you’re building a fantastic village from scratch, using the age-old method of taxation. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Tax the villagers dry until you have the kingdom you’ve always envisioned.
  • In case you haven’t had your fill yet, there’s also Bakery Story. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of the subject, this simulation game is all about cutthroat entrepreneurship. It’s also about money and time management, because as your bakery shop gets bigger and takes in more income, the potential problems you run into multiply. Keep your wits about you while having fun, and you could go all the way.