Star Slots

Star slots is a five reel slot game that is payable on multiple formats including; Iphone, Android, and PC. It's a fantastic free slot app with a great appeal to anyone. The game opens up with the player being directed by a flying star to introduce the layout to new beginners. Each player is allowed one hundred coins every four hours as the free bonus. The game then proceeds to put each player in a myriad of diverse themes as they play a series of five reel slots. It's also instantly apparent, once one begins to play the game more, that it has a great ratio of risk to reward and your often awarded a lot more than you'll make in the long run. The first theme starts off with a slot themed around Egyptian figures and symbols. With a clever symbol system that uses objects related to each individual theme played on the various slots, star slots shows great attention to detail in the making of the game. It even showcases the great amount of clever game design by the game's maker Nekki GmbH. It's easier than I would have thought to find yourself spending several hours playing the game. It's amount of interesting rewards and even surprise bonus games, give the slots some interesting replay ability. Star slots even offers the ability to customize the bid you wish to place on any individual slot, along with a option to auto-roll. This option allows the slot to continue playing even without your attention. Quite handy for times when your forced to multi-task throughout the day. With the ability to purchase in app currency to continue playing even more than your winnings and free coin bonus allow you can spend anywhere between $0.99 up to $100.61 per purchase. The game is currently in version 1.0.9 and has an estimated 100k downloads to today. A majority of reviews tend to lean to overwhelmingly positive with praises being the high game rewards and light entertainment value. With the total app size only sitting at a measly 43 megabytes its hardly a sacrifice in storage space on most all devices. With all these points taken into consideration, along with the consideration of what the gaming niche this app belongs to looks to accomplish I give star slots an overall rating of 4.4 stars.

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