World Series of Poker – WSOP

When it comes to poker, the absolute best in the business are affiliated in some way with the World Series of Poker. The WSOP event draws these premier gamers from all corners of the globe, to match wits, steely resolve, unflappable demeanors and flat-out skills in an effort to snag the eye-opening jackpot. If you’ve always thought of the game as mostly luck, then you’d have a hard time understanding why many of the same faces show up at the WSOP tables year after year.

The Apple iTunes World Series of Poker app brings a big slice of the action much closer to home, by letting you play right from your iDevice. No need to go searching for the games around town – just fire up the old iPad and download this exciting and realistic application. World Series of Poker game is the official version, so you can be sure you’re not dealing with any knock-offs. The transition from the real-life to vid-life poker style of play is seamless, and you get to watch your chips grow steadily as you outplay friends and strangers in the multiplayer option, or see how you stack up against the House A.I.

As far as how closely WSOP on the iTunes comes to the style of play in the real World Series of Poker event, it fits like a glove. If you’ve ever caught the live event on some lazy afternoon, then the similarities in atmosphere will probably surprise you – Playtika (the seller) has hit it right on the button. The doanload is relatively small as expansive games go, with less than 46 MB, and you can play it on an iPad or iPhone as early as iOS 4 and up. World Series of Poker is best optimized for the iPhone 5, and comes in 10 languages. You can get Chips, Bronze Stacks and Platinum stacks in-game if you get tired of free play.