Check Out Bingo Slots on iTunes

With the many simulated gambling games and outright casino favorites on the iTunes platform, Bingo Slots stands out and makes its own mark in the genre. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can experience the real-life feel of rolling big in the casinos with this all-time favorite. There are plenty of bingo Slots variations on iTunes, with the one from 777 Slots being at the forefront of the crowd. They buttress their Bingo Slots offering with Video Poker and almost every variety of card games you’ve ever encountered – online or offline.

It never gets dull once you logon and download the Bingo Slots app; the huge payouts always keep people coming back for more. Add in the option of timed rounds and easy-on-the-eyes graphics, and it’s easy to see they’re at the top of the heap. The newest games require iOS operating system updates to 6.0 and higher. They also work best on the recently-released iPhone 5, but you’re hardly limited to this edition.

The game board is flush with colors and lively characters, from blond-haired mavens and brunettes with twinkling eyes, to the shady, single-monocle wearing gamer with deep pockets. The golden “Win Big” sign is an attractive signal to the goal-oriented gamer, letting you know that your own pockets just got deeper. Even though you don’t necessarily win anything except points – but it’s more than enough to keep people playing, judging from the reviews.

If you like Bingo Slots, take a look at the other simulated gambling offers from maker TopGame on iTunes – you’ll get a chance to see what the raving reviews are all about – firsthand.